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White and Black dragons


I draw the Chinese dragon because it comes to me. If I look into nature at the trees and sky, I see the dragon. When I witness a running stream or lake, I know the dragon lives beneath his lair.

I know he or she only shows themself to those deemed worthy. I get lost in the curves, the ribbons, the hair and horns, the beard and the eyebrows, the underbelly, and the scales. My only goal is to draw them until I get better. I’m not good enough.

I only see my faults as an Artist. I am never happy and don’t really enjoy anything I create. But the dragons. I love them.

black and white dragons

Thirsty drake

9×12″ Sakura Gelly Roll on paper
This was an experiment using the supplies in my classroom. I will practice as such to then test out a lesson plan for the students.

white and black dragons

White Line dragon on black

18×24” inches Posca marker on paper
I chose to use the posca markers on paper this time. I was out of canvas so experimented. I enjoy the continuous ink that exits the marker. It allows for less scratchy lines.

white and black dragons


18×24”, white posca marker on black paper.
Going with the theme of Chinese dragons. I am moving now to using paper and the posca medium pens. My goal is to improve with every work.

white and black dragons

Torn and Frustrated

18×24”, White posca pen on brown paper.
Using the paper I have at hand in the studio. This was me finishing up a drawing left unfinished. I’m never happy with my work. I really detest all of it. But this is finished. That’s what I am trying to accomplish.

white and black dragons

Hunter in the Rain

18×24”, posca markers on paper.

This was my first attempt at using more than one color marker. I am not mixing colors now. The focus is on the gesture style line. Using the line as a tool.

I enjoy using black paper. I have a supply at my work so continue with such. The next concept is blending dragons with other things. Such as Batman. Fan Art with the dragons. Blending worlds.

white and black dragons

Frozen hope

18×24”, White posca pen on brown paper.
I enjoy the 18×24-inch paper. I want to use more colors next. I like drawing with white lines on a colored background.

white and black dragons

Twisted Menace

18×24”, White posca pen on brown paper.
In choosing this composition I went with the concept of using another dragon photo online and just crafting my own from its inspiration.

The goal for my next series of dragons is to use nature images to locate the dragon. As it comes out of the image to me to be seen.

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