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Fantasy dragon drawings


The reason that I am choosing the Chinese Dragon as the first canvas theme launched on the website; is because it is the most powerful ‘animal’ that I could find that fits my personality. The Dragon is the symbol of Power, Strength, and Good Luck to those considered worthy. I have great reverence to the Crow, the Hawk, the Wolf, and the Tiger; but personally, none can compare to the Dragon.

fantasy dragon drawings


I am from Detroit, Michigan. I, like many around this area loves their sports. Most especially violent sports, where being tough is required to even show up. But team sports are the best of all. Competition, Meritocracy, the best athlete wins the job. The weather here is cold and grey for 2/3rds of the year. One must adapt, overcome, drive-on, out work and outfight the opponent.

fantasy dragon drawings

Why Dragons

All of this is encompassed into my Dragon theme. My goal with this artistic theme, is to portray this magnificent beast of myth and lore with passion. To show off the creature’s body and style, to use its curves to tell a story. You will see Dragons of all color combinations. My goal and intent are to display with my own brand of Contemporary style the beast as I see it. This is not a delicate approach to beautiful and perfect lines. My dragons are passionate, loud, fierce, unyielding, unrelenting, and most of all Loyal to those they choose.

fantasy dragon drawings

Don’t waste your time

As I pump out artwork throughout the week; I am doing this only after working a hot and long warehouse job… grinding away. So because of this given scenario, I don’t waste a moment of time, looking to become more efficient with every aspect of my art world. Always moving ahead,

Looking to gain acclaim in honor of my chosen beast that watches from the depth of the rivers and lakes. Watching and judging.

fantasy dragon drawings


These are the qualities that many like myself are attracted to around Detroit. The “Bad Boys” the Detroit Pistons of the 1990’s best describes my attitude to Sports. We cheer for our teams to play dirty and out bully your team. We like fights, we like violence in general. It’s a natural side effect of the region at large. But most of all, we like a winner.

Fantasy dragon drawings Process

Right now nothing moves my need to communicate, like that of the dragon. He chose me as much as I chose him. I must show him to the world with the best that I can bring to the table. I must raise my game with every composition.

With every attempt, I must improve on the past work. Always forgetting about what was done, and moving on as fast as possible. Once the Artwork has been photographed it is removed from the studio outright and placed into storage awaiting its new home. My mind is already prepared for the next work. Moving forward like the next game on the schedule.

fantasy dragon drawings

Blue Dragon

24×36 inches – Mixed media on canvas

This is another study of the Chinese dragon. Not all of my dragons look the same. Some seem cartoonish, less exact. Some have a little of their own energy. I have been briefly studying Dr. Seuss and his illustration style. You may notice the influence of the black crosshatching on bright colors. I enjoy the use of the Posca Pens. Allowing me to draw with bold colors on canvas. I am mixing with the colors I can get from acrylic paint.

Green Red Dragon

24×48 inches – Mixed media on canvas

This is just another study in the green of the Chinese Dragon. My goal is to paint a dozen of these at least. Maybe more. To get better and better at it. To keep making dragons of all shapes and sizes. To mix colors and perfect the use of black crosshatching on bright colors. Experimenting with “energy”, “contrast”, “boldness”, and “style”. I am altering some aspects of the typical features. Maybe longer ears, etc… Just being creative. These designs come from teaching K-8 youth again. The energy of the classroom is brought into the Artwork literally. I paint in front of them at times. To show them how.

Princess Castle with a dragon

24×48 inches – Crayon on paper

Fantasy dragons drawings
Fantasy dragons drawings
Fantasy dragons drawings
fantasy dragon drawings

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