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A Questing Artist


Hi, I am David Brundirks,

Always on a quest, always searching out new compositions that can move and trigger the viewer. Then to take those chosen compositions and show them to the world, but distorted. Whether that be as a painting, a drawing or even a sculpture.


Always trying to improve. Always raising the bar, testing myself, pushing myself.
With this philosophy, I try to use my time wisely. Working up to 60 hours a week in a warehouse job, grinding in the heat in order to build security. So each creative session is never to be wasted.

Worth remembering

Always looking at new projects, gathering compositions that move my soul for future works. Always on the quest to push the creative limits in order to get better, but to create something brilliant, then to replicate factory style. A quest to leave a creative legacy worth remembering.

questing artist - soldier